Web Design Trends

Gone were the days when a website is a boring space full of unreadable typography, confusing links, too much information and ugly design. These days, web design is not just for function. It is a work of art as well.

We has also evolved in in more ways than one. It has kept up with all the trends and ideas that the rest of the world is using. Web design Birmingham is just as innovative and exciting as other web designs all over the world. Here are some trends in web design that’s making a buzz in Birmingham.

  • Simple, Centered Design – More and more clients are looking for simple web design that puts emphasis on the product rather than all that graphic. This design can adapt well to any digital medium.
  • Use of High Quality Photos – With the fame of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and other photo sharing sites, the need for high quality photos are more in demand. It also helps to have a photographer that’s good at capturing real life pictures that make it more relatable to audiences.
  • Quick Loading websites – People have become increasingly impatient while they wait for a website to load. Some don’t even bother to wait until it loads fully. Web designs should have fast loading abilities so if you are a web designer, you might want to rethink that Flash presentation before you add that to your website. These kinds of elements take a long time to load and might make the viewer lose interest in your website altogether.
  • Mobile Friendly websites – Nowadays, people rely on their mobile phones for all sorts of information. All websites should have a mobile friendly version.

Web design serves as a medium to reach out to customers and the search engines – it makes full sense to have a professional website and increase the sales numbers.